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I am outraged today. I find it seriously challenging to maintain my usual calm tone. The reason? I think Aljazeera (and Alarbiya of course, which is nothing but Aljazeera’s shadow) has reached an a level of cheap propaganda that is beyond human capabilities to justify or even comprehend.



The reason I am saying so is the channel’s follow up on the Syrian Foreign Minister Waleed Almuallim’s press conference yesterday November 28th, 2011. In the conference, Almuallim showed a collage video outlining some of the crimes committed by armed gangs in Syria. How did Aljazeera react?


First: Aljazeera stopped its live broadcast the minute the footage started. Later, it justified that by saying it included bloody scenes, and could not be verified. How did Aljazeera know the footage contained bloody scenes before it started? And since when does it care? I have seen more bloody scenes on Aljazeera than I saw in all horror movies I watched in my life. Also: Could not be verified? That’s too much from the channel that does not bother posting a disclaimer when it shows an amateur footage from youtube.


Second: After the conference, Aljazeera doubted one of the many clips that appeared in the collage, claiming it shows a crime that happened in the Lebanese town of Ketermaya, not in Hama as Almuallim “claimed”.


·         Here is the video from Almuallim’s conference. Please slide to 6.18 for the clip we are discussing.


·         Here is the complete footage originally posted months ago for the crime Almuallim was referring to. The victim is identified as Mouaffaq Abdulfatah, a clerk in a military base in Hama.


·         Here is the 2010 Ketermaya crime Aljazeera claimed the video is showing. Please notice that although both victims were hanged, the two videos are quite different, in terms of the place where they happened, the people, and the victim.


·         Here is the Syrian TV report showing Abdulfattah’s wife and son testifying that he was murdered in Hama, and that the crime is different from that of Ketermaya. The report also shows how Aljazeera and Alarbiya tried to blur the image by focusing on only this clip and neglecting all other clips that show militia in action.


The fact that Aljazeera is so confident no one would research this claim is pathetic. I am appalled by the level this channel have reached. If you are a journalist, or if you work in the media, I call upon you to speak up against this cheap level of propaganda. I call upon your conscience and reasoning, and mostly upon your sense of self-respect, because this kind of purposeful misleading behavior is a disrespect to you, me, and everyone else.

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