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Pretty professional from Aljazeera indeed.

Today, in their web article on the huge march supporting President Assad in Omayyad Square in Damascus, and as you see in the screen clip below and on this link, Aljazeera decided to use a photo from its archive, rather than using Syrian TV footage or one of the zillions photos online that show the real size of the march. The photo they used was in fact taken in Sabaa Bahrat Square, which is remarkably smaller than Omayyad Square, in a different March last month. To compare the masses, please take a look at SANA’s coverage of today’s march here.

They want to maintain quality and only use official photos distributed by news agencies I am assuming, which is not surprising in itself of course. But if we take into consideration the gigantic number of unverified photos and videos they broadcatsed before, and still are broadcasting, that came from what they call “activists on Facebook”, and if we think of all the videos that were proven to be fabricated, as we discussed in this article, it becomes damn stunning.

Maybe we should stop feeling surprised at double standards. It is quickly becoming the norm, not the exception.

 Please note that Aljazeera has changed the photo now, yet to another one that does not show the crowds.




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