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Three significant videos that went unnoticed in the past week. The three videos come from the opposition camp.


The first video explains how strikes are cooked, and the type of language the opposition militia (under the code name SFA or FSA) use to strengthen their grip on towns they control. In the video, an SFA fighter appears threatening villagers who communicate or "make business" with a Shiite village nearby. The fighter, who appears to be a commander, says "Shiites are fighting "us" everywhere. This is the second time I warn you, if you deal with them, you will be regarded as one of them. I swear by Almighty Allah, if I know anyone of you or any villager deals with them, I will kill him in front of the mosque."

This is not unprecedented. We have had tens of reports of opposition fighters threatening people who don't strike, and using a sectarian tone to intimidate and control simple people.


The second video shows a group of opposition fighters destroying a load of whiskey bottles. The narrator starts the video by accusing Assad's regime of deliberately spreading alcoholic drinks in Muslim areas to ruin Islam. The question is: If this is how these fighters deal with issues not related to their "struggle" now, what will they do to personal freedoms if they prevail?

The third video comes as an answer from an opposition Islamic cleric to the video showing the Syrian-Canadian Thwaiba Kanafani joining SFA. The cleric is not happy about this, but his feelings have nothing to do with Thwaiba's pro-Israel sentiments expressed in her interview here, but because of her being a woman. 

The cleric says: "We are not responsible for any news you find anywhere but on our official page. As for that woman, we have no women in our phalanges, and we don't need women, we still have enough men. (...) We do not condone the way Thwaiba Kanafani was dressed. we do not object to women participating in our revolution, we welcome every effort, but these efforts must comply with Allah's Shariia."

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