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There is nothing a propagandist cannot do to get their message through, this is a well-known fact. But for the British Daily Mail to condone human rights violations this vividly, I must say we are in a dark age for professional journalism.


Daily Mail condoning Human Rights violations.


In its article here, Daily Mail tells a heart breaking story of a kid soldier, “recruited by the increasingly desperate rebel Free Syrian Army to fight President Bashar al-Assad’s forces”. The kid saw his friend getting shot dead in a battle with the Syrian army near Homs. But instead of scolding the Syrian Opposition for recruiting kids like him as soldiers, and violating the most basic children human rights, the newspaper blames the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

I can understand if the Daily Mail editor felt that Assad was responsible for the situation that gave rise to these battles, but to not say a single word of condemnation to the rebels who recruit kids like this one, I can only read this as condoning this action. The Daily Mail editor should be taken to court for this, as making this kid an icon like this could encourage other Syrian children to take up arms, and their families to feel this is OK.

As a Syrian citizen, I demand an apology from the Daily Mail, and a clear and decisive condemnation to the opposition and their rebel fighters.

Daily Mail condoning Human Rights violations.


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