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By Syria Tribune

By Syria Tribune

The suicide explosion that took the life of Sheikh Mohamad Saeed Ramadan Al Bouti among 42 others in Damascus yesterday is not a Syrian crisis incident. This event commemorates a struggle that has been going for the past 35 years for Al Bouti in person and the past one and a half millennia for Islam itself.

 Mohamad Saeed ramadan Al Bouti

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While President Obama is busy talking about Syria’s chemical weapons, a troubling video appears on YouTube yesterday showing what appears to be a rebel group testing chemical weapons on lab rabbits, and threatening to use them against Syrian civilians on a sectarian basis.

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In our article about rebranding the Syrian opposition, we discussed forming a new coalition for the Syrian opposition, and we were convinced that this new body is nothing but a new façade for the same old Syrian National Council.

Weeks after the establishment of this new coalition, we are convinced even more that this is the case.


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