The Syrian Revolution: Under the Bonnet

To have a better understanding of the current events, you need to know how it all started. Read our detailed account of the early months of the Syria crisis in this article.

Facebook and the Arab Spring: A medium or a tool?

What role did social media play in the Arab Spring? Was Facebook faithful to its terms and conditions in handling pages? Or was it selective? Read the article here.

What exactly is SFA?

Who is the Syrian Army fighting? Who committed the atrocities in Homs? Read our detailed articles on this subject:

Article 1, article 2, article 3

Moderate Islam vs Wahhabism

The suicide explosion that took the life of Sheikh Mohamad Ramadan Al Bouti among 42 others in Damascus yesterday commemorates a struggle that has been going for the past 35 years between moderate Islam and Wahhabism. Read more...

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